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Want to combine entrepreneurship and social impact?

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Want to combine entrepreneurship and social impact?

We help entrepreneurs who – like us – believe you can take an entrepreneurial approach to tackling societal challenges.

Are you an aspiring social entrepreneur with a powerful idea? A non-profit looking for a socially profitable model? Or do you want to boost the social impact of your business?
Are you already active on the market and looking to grow? We can help you to strengthen, speed the growth of or even internationalise your social business.
We will support you with practical advice, training and coaching throughout the process, from concept to launch or the securing of financing.

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Suppose you have a dream, an idea that will be of benefit to society, with which you can really make a difference – for older people, the environment, fair trade, equal opportunities or the struggle against poverty, either here or elsewhere in the world.

How do you get started?

Free intake interview

We sit down with you and have an initial no-obligation discussion of your idea. What is your business model? Where are the pitfalls? Where is the low-hanging fruit? How can we help you?


If you think we can help you further, we can initiate a coaching process. We will scrutinise every aspect of your project over a few months. What makes your service or product unique? What are the market opportunities? And the risks? How will you set up your organisation? Where will you find the human and financial resources?

Our way of working: 

  • A flexible method and tools that are adapted to your idea
  • A thorough knowledge of social/green businesses
  • Access to an extensive network of partners, investors, experts and others
  • A creative, collaborative and result-oriented approach
  • Flexible charge rates with the possibility of external financing
  • Multidisciplinary coaches with experience of commercial and social businesses

Want to know more? We enjoy meeting passionate entrepreneurs with innovative ideas on tackling social challenges…

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Are you looking for support in increasing the social impact of your business? We can help you with your expansion strategy. And SI2Fund can provide the growth capital.


We believe in the power of the connection between social entrepreneurs and partners from different backgrounds who support them. Our Oksigen ecosystem offers a range of activities to help social entrepreneurs achieve progress.

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