for social entrepreneurship

Promoting social entrepreneurship and social innovation


Promoting social entrepreneurship and social innovation

We are extensively involved in international research into social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Our goal is to be an ambitious, world-class knowledge centre.


Ambitious …

… in the research questions we ask

The impact of specific socially innovative businesses: what works, what doesn’t, why and when?

How can we harness the specific intelligence of social entrepreneurs?

How does social innovation work, and how is it disseminated?

With regard to social businesses that create a market: how do they arise, how do they grow and how are they financed?

What new insights into societal trends (poverty, ethical consumption, migration, etc.) do the behavioural sciences have to offer?


… in the extra effort we make to find reliable data

Collaboration with top universities and networks of leading researchers around the world

Cross-disciplinary experiments, debunking of persistent myths

Embedded in our ecosystem of partners, experts and financiers: fruitful cross-fertilisation


… in our dialogue with and provision of information to society

Our research interacts productively with our coaching activity:

  • Academic insight into social business innovation, societal trends and social entrepreneurship
  • A cross-disciplinary perspective, approach and method
  • Ground-breaking results giving fresh impetus to social entrepreneurs
  • Proactive leadership in the field of social innovation
  • Translation of academic insights into practice and policy
  • Collaboration and dialogue at local-global level


Marieke Huysentruyt, Research Partner - Oksigen Lab

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