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Oksigen Lab Coaching: DoucheFLUX

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Oksigen Lab Coaching: DoucheFLUX

DoucheFLUX is an ambitious project aimed at assisting people in poverty in Brussels, with or without a roof above their head, with or without a residence permit. DoucheFLUX aims to offer quality services such as showers, lockers and a broad range of activities which empower, enhance dignity and self-confidence anyone living in precarious conditions.

DoucheFLUX believes that to actively participate in society it is an absolute must to believe in oneself. That is why giving people the energy to take small or big steps in life is the overall theme in the DoucheFLUX project.

Not only in the past, but still today, there is a significant proportion of the population in the heart of Brussels living in poverty. Brussels hosts many precarious persons from all over the country.  In Brussels, they are confronted with a lack of adequate showers, wash-rooms, information and tailored and rewarding activities.

People in such vulnerable situations cannot only be seen as lacking food and a place to stay. They are above all humans, like all of us, for whom self-esteem and engagement in a project are of utmost importance. That is why DoucheFLUX, in synergy with the entire Brussels social sector, has been working on a project where these elementary services are offered to people in vulnerable situations.

To date, DoucheFLUX has purchased a building in the centre of Brussels (South station area).  After a renovation faze, by end of 2015 the showers and other services will be provided to those in need.

Oksigenlab was asked to strengthen and refine the business plan for the operational faze.  This plan will be stress tested via a number of pitches in front of a financial & public actors, willing to invest or contribute in the years to come.

If you are interested in contributing to the renovation, becoming a volunteer or any other way to help the cause of Doucheflux, you can find more information and contact details on their website: