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Oksigen Lab coaching: Archi Human

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Oksigen Lab coaching: Archi Human

Archi Human aims to address homelessness by offering sustainable housing to precarious people, along with the necessary (re)integration support.
Archi Human

The Challenge

Archi Human had an innovative concept in mind but requested our support for the following elements:

  • Clarify an aligned vision/mission
  • Define the business model/case
  • Fine-tune roles and responsibilities of the involved partners
  • Accelerate the market launch

Our approach

We helped the Archi Human team to clarify their ambitions and business model in a participative coaching approach, using the following steps of our coaching methodology:

  • Vision, mission, and intended (social) impact?
  • Target group analysis: who are the clients, beneficiaries and what are their unmet needs?
  • Value Proposition: which product/service is needed to address the needs
  • Business model: which resources, key activities, key partners, etc.
  • Financials: defining a sustainable economic model
  • Market test: testing the idea with potential customers and partners


The coaching resulted in an aligned vision/mission, a fine-tuned business model, clarification on the activities, roles and responsibilities of the various partners and a business case. This improved business plan helped Archi Human to approach first customers and partners, and accelerate their development.

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