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Mobile school


Mobile school

Mobile School works around the world to ensure that street children receive an education and develop a positive self-image.
Mobile school

Mobile School develops educational programmes, materials and projects for children and young people living on the streets, street workers, schoolchildren, schools and teachers. Central to all these things is the breaking down of negative self-image and behaviour. By means of mobile school carts and training for local street workers, Mobile School brings school to the street. 

With the know-how built up by Mobile School, Streetwize has been created, an organization dedicated to personal development for professionals and their organizations. Streetwize’s activities (motivational talks, boost sessions, expeditions etc.) generate income to support the growth of the Mobile School programmes. 

In 2011 there was an average of 224 children at one of the 33 mobile schools in 20 countries every day. Of these children, 13% live permanently on the street, 24% are working children, 50% are children from slums and 13% are children from street families.

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