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FitClass aims to help people - especially young people and those in their 50s or older - to enjoy fun and inspiring movement as a preventive health tool. FitClass supports a healthy lifestyle through regular, joint, responsible exercise. This formula is made very accessible for both schools and the local community.

FitClass is an exercise programme based on personal fitness advice (‘FitAdvies’) and intensive guidance from the FitClass Coach. This approach makes it possible to steer anyone, from absolute beginners to sportspeople and people undergoing rehabilitation, towards healthy, balanced and effective training.

The organization operates in a very innovative way. Schools provides space in return for fitness and exercise equipment for pupils and teachers. Outside school hours, the local community can use the fitness room and enjoy personal advice at a moderate price.  This doubles the impact for the local community, while enabling FitClass to remain competitive in the dynamic fitness sector.

At present there are 25 centers with over 5,000 members. The average utilization rate is 85%: a lot better than the 30% in ‘mainstream’ gyms.

FitClass received investment from the SI2 Fund, part of the Oksigen Ecosystem.  FitClass has the ambition to grow the network to 100 fitness centers in Belgium and expand into Germany, the Netherlands and France.

Interested to start your own FitClass? Or is your school interested in this concept? Curious to see where FitClass is active in your region? You can find contact details and more information at



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