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Close the Gap - WordLoop

While Close the Gap focuses on access to Internet and PC literacy in developing countries, WorldLoop focuses on tackling the e-waste issue in these regions.

Close the Gap aims to bridge the digital divide by collecting high-quality ICT equipment from businesses in the North. This is installed at low cost in social projects in the South. Local partners are responsible for the distribution and maintenance of the computers and give suitable training courses.

When these computers come to the end of their second life, WorldLoop works with local partners to ensure that the e-waste is collected and safely recycled. WorldLoop promotes local capacity-building for the dismantling and reuse of e-waste. Anything that cannot be recycled locally returns to Europe to be recycled here using advanced recycling technologies.

Since Close the Gap’s creation in 2003, 86,000 ICT assets have been given a second life via 2,500 projects in 40 developing and emerging countries, as a result of collecting 260,000 ICT assets from 96 business and other donors. In 2012, WorldLoop collected several thousand PCs for recycling via three African actors.

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